Reverse China Syndrome: Poisoning America's Supply Chain Through Incompetence And Greed

America's poisoned supply chain melt-down started in China during mid-2007, and appears to be continuing into 2008. Running in a direction opposite of that suggested by the movie China Syndrome.

Poisoned dog and cat food first came to public attention in the summer of 2007.

Then came lead paint on children's toys; and, lead-laced PVC everything from China.

Just before Christmas of 2007, there was this plastic sculpting toy for kids that contained a dangerous drug, added for reasons only known to the minds of mad polymer scientists.

Now, it's the biomedical supply chain, with roots in Chinese pig farms. What's next?

A Chinese factory that supplies much of the active ingredient for a brand of a blood thinner that has been linked to four deaths in the United States is not certified by China’s drug regulators to make pharmaceutical products, according to records and interviews.

Because the plant, Changzhou SPL, has no drug certification, China’s drug agency did not inspect it. The United States Food and Drug Administration said this week that it had not inspected the plant either — a violation of its own policy — before allowing the company to become a major supplier of the blood thinner, heparin, to Baxter International in the United States.

'Because the free market is good for us' chant the "experts' ensconced in Washington DC Think Tanks.

'Get government regulators off the backs of American Businesses' cry the Congressional leaders.

'More like this' say the Sunday afternoon political talk show pundits.

We can't wait to see the op ed pieces which state emphatically there is no "good science" which establishes cause and effect, and downplays the notion that there is a common thread that ties the Reverse China Syndrome incidents together.

We suggest you read the entire Times article to grasp the role played by the Chinese government in this mess up.

Let this be our mantra for the coming elections. Home sourcing. Green jobs. Safe products. Rinse and repeat.

Via::New York Times, "China Didn’t Check Drug Supplier, Files Show" Image credit::Combat Diaries, Mad Scientist

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