Return Of The Ferries: Fun & Profit With Efficiency


Yesterday Lloyd posted on the rebirth of pier vacationing: a logical outcome of reduced-impact travel and the local vacation options that had been cherished by our grandparents. Add to that, ferries are coming least to the US Great Lakes.

"Plans for a passenger and cargo ferry crossing Lake Erie between Ontario, Canada, and Lake County got a boost Wednesday from Canadian officials who agreed to put $315,000 toward a study...But Lake County must compete with Ashtabula and Cleveland port authorities seeking similar agreements to launch ferries. Local officials expect only one ferry line will be launched." Notably, "the Lake County ferry ride would be about one hour shorter than Cleveland's." Done deal then.

Ferries require two docks. On the US side of Lake Erie, it is estimated that "about $50 million would be needed to build new docks and reinforce ports before the ferry would launch in Lake County."

Whether the new ferry has the amenities of a truck stop, or intstead becomes a maritime expression of the slow food movement, we hope it'll be a relay party. "Lake County's proposal would accommodate 60 semis, 400 cars and 700 people in one trip. Initial plans call for a movie theater and restaurant on the freighter." I imagine I'd have a Burning River Pale Ale on the northward crossing (got the historic reference?), and possibly a LaBatts on the southward crossing. Served with a Brat, unless smoked whitefish or beer-batter perch are on the menu.

Via:: Cleveland Plain Dealer,Lake Erie ferry proposal gets a financial boost. Image credit:: Boat Nerd archives

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