Retailers, Your Customers Care About Carbon Footprint - Now Do Something About It

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Note to retailers: Consumers care about the carbon footprint of the products they buy, will buy products with a clearly lower carbon footprint, but you're not doing enough either to address that carbon footprint, or label it when you do. At least in the UK that is. That's the word coming from the Carbon Trust and their new survey on people's attitudes towards carbon labeling:The research was done in April of this year by FDS International on behalf of Carbon Trust's Carbon Label Company and found that in the UK:

60% of people understand the concept of carbon footprint and that the products they buy have varying impact.

63% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they know that something is being done to lower its carbon footprint.

70% of people surveyed want businesses to help them make more informed decisions about the products they buy, with 47% saying that they would like more information from companies on how to reduce the carbon footprint of the product they are buying while using it.

However, only 12% think that companies are doing enough to reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

We Still Have at Least One-Third of the Population to Reach
The message of this survey is clear in regards to goods people buy: Reduce the carbon footprint. But there's also a takeaway for all of us in the green community (that's all of us, not just media). We've got over a third of the population who still either hasn't heard of carbon footprint or doesn't understand how the things they buy impact carbon footprint.

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