Results of the 2008 Organization Carbon Offsetting Trends Survey

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Planet Green is currently featuring a regular column on their website called Changemakers, featuring various everyday people and their businesses, and how they have made a commitment to not only reduce the carbon footprints in their own life, but also in regards to their work. This new corporate attitude has been helping to create a more sustainable world.

There are more of these types of businesses than most of us might realize. EcoSecurities and ClimateBiz announced a few days ago, that out of 65 leading multinational organization surveyed, covering a wide variety of geographies and industry sectors, most of them reported that they were involved in implementing environmental strategies to their day to day business practices.
Here are the results of the 2008 carbon offsetting trends survey:

  • 43% of organizations surveyed had already implemented an existing carbon management strategy, with a further 34% of organizations claiming to be in the process of developing one.
  • 74% of all responses indicated that their organization had already started implementing internal emission reduction activities.
  • Over 88% of organizations were either currently undertaking carbon offsetting activities or would consider offsetting in the future.
  • Results of the survey showed that experience and Brand/Reputation were at nearly 88% and 86% respectively, as the most important factors when making a purchasing decision.
  • Results also showed that the most desirable project location for the purchase of carbon offsets was North America, then closely followed by South America.
  • The top 3 most effective emission reduction activities were seen to be:
    1. Energy efficiency measures
    2. Employee behavior change campaigns
    3. Improving transport logistics
  • As a collection of project types, renewable energy projects (biomass, wind and small-scale hydro) were viewed as being the most desirable.

In conclusion, the carbon offsetting trend appears to be on the rise, thanks to many caring corporations, organizations, and small businesses. Help support your local carbon offsetting businesses, as this trend relies on us to reward those who deserve it with our patronage.

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