Research Grant and Business Opportunity Availability Notices: Sustainable Development Money For The Winners


Until the internet radically changed information flows, US Federal and state government agencies and publicly chartered commissions offered resources and business opportunities that mostly those "in the know" were positioned to take advantage of. Example: building the Saturn Rocket launch facility (pictured).

Want to work on sustainable development projects that might make a difference like the "man on the moon" project did?

Be kept appraised of research and development opportunities & funding announcements that may help your business or university contribute to sustainable development, even if you lack a subscription to the Commerce Business Daily or a lobbyist in Washington or a State Capital. Here's how:The Washington State University Extension Energy Program maintains a listerv for distributing funding newsletters by subscribing directly or by emailing a subscription request. To subscribe to this listserv,

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A selected subset of the 26 funding notices included in the January 6 Issue of the listserv distribution are included below. Note: geographic limitations for all opportunities are likely to include, as a minimum, that respondents be within the USA.

Image credit::NASA History, Saturn Launch Pad under construction.

Solicitations (Issue 174)
January 6, 2008

1) Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Acceleration and Deployment Activity. Through this initiative, DOE seeks the development and demonstration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles capable of charging by using the standard 110 volt outlet found in homes and buildings across the U.S. Minimum individual awards $10 million, 1 - 4 awards anticipated. Responses due 4/30/08. For more info, contact Jeffrey Kooser at or go to:
Refer to Sol# DE-PS26-08NT00360-02. ( 12/19/07)

2) Biotechnology Risk Assessment
The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants Program. Through this initiative, USDA will support research addressing the effects of introducing genetically modified organisms into the environment. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, research on the influence of genetically engineered crops including bioenergy crops on ecosystem function through measurement of key ecological processes, including nutrient cycling. $3 million expected to be available, individual awards NTE $400K. Responses due 2/28/08.

For more info, contact Daniel Jones at or go
Refer to Sol# USDA-CSREES-BRAP-001212. ( 12/20/07)

3) Hydrogen Vehicle Safety Research
The U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seeks bids for Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel System Safety Research. The objective of this research is to generate data to assess the safety performance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fuel systems under similar crash conditions to those prescribed in
the existing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and to identify and assess any additional life-cycle safety hazards imposed by utilization of these propulsion systems. Responses due 2/8/08. For more info, contact Chelly Johnson-Jones at or go to:
Refer to Sol# DTNH22-08-R-00092. (FBO 12/23/07)

4) Transportation in Parks and Public Lands The Federal Transit Administration, in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Interior and Agriculture, request proposals for the Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands Program. Alternative transportation is defined as transportation by bus, rail, or any other publicly or privately owned conveyance that provides to the public general or special service on a regular
basis, including sightseeing service. Goals of this program include, but are not limited to, reducing congestion and pollution and conserving natural, historical, and cultural resources. $23.78 million expected to be available, up to 50 awards
anticipated. Responses due 2/29/08.

For more info, contact
Scott Faulk at or go to:;=40224.
Refer to Sol# D2008-ATPL-650-001. ( 12/17/07)

5) Transportation Planning & the Environment
The Federal Highway Administration, Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, has issued a pre-solicitation for the award of contracts for Transportation Planning and Environmental Program Support. Work may include, but not be limited to: 1) Long Range Transportation Planning, and 2) Planning and Development of Alternative Transportation Systems and New Technologies for an internal and/or integrated regional transit service. Responses due 2/13/08. For more info, contact Shirley Anderson at or go to:
Refer to Sol# DTFH71-08-R-00005. (FBO 12/29/07)

9) Strategic Agriculture - Regions 6 and 9
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Regions 6 and 9, request proposals for the Strategic Agricultural Initiative/Food Quality Protection Act Grant Program. This program supports efforts by the agricultural community to "transition" away from high-risk pesticides to lower risk pesticides and sustainable practices in food production. Priority areas include but are not limited to sustainable agriculture and the incorporation of conservation planning.

A) Region 6: $150K expected to be available, up to 2 awards anticipated. Responses due 2/29/08. Projects must take place in Region 6 which includes AR, LA, OK, NM, and TX. For more info, contact W. Eugene Thilsted at or go to: Refer to
Sol# EPA-R6-SAI-2008. ( 12/20/07)

B) Region 9: $400K expected, up to 5 awards anticipated. Responses due 3/14/08. Projects must take place in Region 9 which includes HI, NV, AZ , CA or the Pacific Territories. For more info, contact Cindy Wire at or go to: Refer to Sol# EPA-R9-CED1-08-003. ( 1/2/08)

10) West Coast Clean Diesel - Region 9
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9, requests proposals for the West Coast Collaborative Innovations in Clean Diesel. Through this initiative, EPA seeks projects that demonstrate effective emissions reductions from existing diesel engine operations through a variety of strategies such as emissions control technologies; idling reduction strategies; cleaner burning fuels; and alternative and biofuels production, distribution, and use. Projects must take place in Region 9, which includes CA, NV, AZ, HI and the U.S. Pacific Islands. $500K expected to be available, up to 3 awards anticipated. Responses due 2/25/08.
For more info, contact Asia Yeary at or go to: Refer to
Sol# EPA-R9-AIR8-08-002. ( 12/14/07)

13) Water Conservation Education — Central Valley
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region, requests proposals for Water Conservation Program Education Grants. This initiative supports activities that improve public awareness of water use efficiency issues and practices through classes, demonstrations, tours, and class material development and distribution. Projects must target the Central Valley service area. $70K expected to be available, up to 4 awards anticipated.Responses due 2/7/08. For more info, contact Vivian Davis at or go to:
Refer to Sol# 08SF200008. ( 12/20/07)

14) A/E for Platinum LEED - Nevada
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, has issued a Request for Qualifications for Sustainable Energy Design Services, with the goal of LEED Platinum Certification, for a visitor and administrative facility at the Corn Creek Field
Station, approx. 25 miles north of Las Vegas, NV. Responses due 2/5/08. For more info, contact Vernon Hadley at or go to:
Refer to Sol# 801818R087. (FBO 1/5/08)

15) Alternative Energy Projects - Alaska
The Denali Commission, in concert with the Alaska Energy Authority, request proposals for Alaska Alternative Energy Projects, for cost effective alternative energy projects Alaska. Up to $4 million expected to be available for projects that service rural Alaska, up to $1 million for projects implemented anywhere in Alaska.
Responses due 2/12/08. For more info, contact Rebecca Garrett at (907) 771-3000 or go to:

19) Bioenergy - New York
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
(NYSERDA) requests proposals for the Development of New Biofuels, Bioproducts and Feedstock in NewYork State. Through this program, NYSERDA seeks to support the development, demonstration, and commercialization of innovative bioproducts and biomass feedstock technologies that will lead to manufacturing opportunities in NY
and that will provide energy, environmental, and economic benefits. $1.5 million expected to be available. Responses due 4/16/08. For more info, contact Judy Jarnefeld at or go to:
Refer to PON# 1195.

22) Wind Power Purchase - S. Dakota
NorthWestern Energy seeks up to 50 MW of wind resources from projects located in SD. Notice of Intent to Respond is required and is due 1/18/08, final proposals due 2/22/08. For more info, contact Steven Lewis at or go to: (Green Power Network 12/13/07)