Republicans' Climate Change Talking Points Document Revealed

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We already know that many Republicans are vehemently opposed to fighting climate change with legislation. We also know the party has charged that the Democrat's current bill would drastically raise costs for the average American family. What we didn't know is that there's a method to the madness—who knew? But it's true: the Republicans have spilled the list of climate change talking points the party distributes to its members—can you guess what's on it? It could be tough to tell, what with McCain supporting cap and trade, Boehner calling climate change 'comical', and Michael Steele flat out denying it, but the GOP is striving for a uniform message to oppose the Democrat's efforts to get a climate bill in place. But what exactly is that uniform message? Yup, it's that fighting climate change by making polluters pay for their pollution = taxes, taxes, and more taxes on the American people.

Jeff McMahon pointed out the spill on his blog at True/Slant. And sure enough, there in the plain light of day on the Intertubes, is a website entitled "Talking Points on the Democrat National Energy Tax". Right on the GOP website. (I guess they were released last week) See, with the help of these handy talking points, the GOP is attempting to rename the climate and energy legislation a "national energy tax" as opposed to 'cap and trade bill' or 'renewable energy initiative' or what have you. Just look at the first talking point:

- The Democrat's cap and tax plan is nothing more than a national energy tax.

And we're off! What follows is the complete list of points GOP members are to make when discussing the climate bill publicly—and they're generally pretty predictable. Just keep an eye out for the one that claims that by making polluters financially responsible for their pollution, 7 million American jobs will be lost. That's a good one.

-The truth behind the Democrat's cap and tax plan is that it will lead to more taxes, fewer jobs, and more government intrusion. This is an irresponsible proposal that will do more harm than good.
-The President's energy plan is a $646 billion tax that will hit almost every American family, small business and family farm. Family energy costs will rise on average by more than $3,100 a year.

Just have to butt in again for a second here—the scientist who did the study that produced the figures the GOP cites here has actually called them up to tell them that they're incorrectly citing his data. But the GOP says they don't care—they'll interpret the data how they want.

-Those hardest hit by this massive tax will be the poor - who experts agree spend a greater portion of their income on energy consumption.
-A devastating consequence will be fewer jobs for hard-working Americans. Various studies suggest anywhere from 1.8 million to 7 million jobs could be lost.
-Republicans believe there are better solutions than more taxes, fewer jobs, and more government intrusion.
-House Republicans want to increase American energy production made by American workers, encourage greater efficiency and conservation, and promote the use of alternative fuels.

Most of these points are flimsy at best You know, it sort of defeats the purpose of having a cheat sheet if everyone can see said cheat sheet in plain sight. Couldn't they at least just distribute a memo, or do they not even care if everyone knows the party members are basing their scripted responses on a bullet list online?

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