Republican 'Warmist': "I No Longer Believe There Can be Common Ground Between Conservatives and Environmentalists"


Photo: House GOP Leader via Flickr/CC BY

D.R. Tucker, a Republican writer and radio show host, made a splash when he announced on Frum Forum that he had 'converted' to accepting the overwhelming scientific evidence that humans are causing the planet to warm. When I profiled his conversion in this Slate piece a few months ago, he was experiencing the backlash from breaking with GOP orthodoxy on the issue. His peers labeled him a 'warmist', and worse. Now, after having been put through the gauntlet, he's gleaned some key insights:

"I've reluctantly concluded that the conservative pundits who repeatedly and forcefully deny the accuracy of climate science will never change their views ... I no longer believe there can be common ground between conservatives and environmentalists."Strong words. They come from Tucker's most recent piece, which was published over at Climate Crocks, the website run by the notorious climate denier debunker Peter Sinclair. Read the whole thing to get an insider's view of the pernicious ideology that dominates Republican strategy on climate change -- and why the pundits and politicians who promote said ideology aren't likely to change their views anytime soon.

A few choice bits:

The modern conservative movement cannot countenance climate science or environmentalism. Accepting the idea that human activities can harm the planet means accepting certain governmental regulations to protect the planet from such harm. If one's ideology holds that all governmental regulations are by definition repugnant, one cannot accept the science that justifies those regulations ...

Being branded a "RINO" and a "warmist" by the close-minded conservative class was the wake-up call I needed. In a weird way, I want to thank the conservatives who condemned my conversion on climate change. They helped me realize that a "warmist" is merely someone who accepts scientific reality instead of denying it--and that a "RINO" is another word for a Republican with an IQ above room temperature.

Again, read the full piece at Climate Crocks.

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