Reports Indicate Outbreak Spreading Among School Copy Machines


With rumors of an outbreak now spreading to schools in Florida and Maine, it’s no surprise that students and faculty on the copy crisis team at the Robert Moses Middle School are hard at work trying to solve the crisis that was first reported late last week when reports of a strange, contagious disease hitting school photocopiers reached TreeHugger.

Apparently, symptoms include a propensity to chew up trees at an amazing rate while using gobs of energy and releasing tremendous amounts of CO2 leading to increased levels of global warming.

But back at the school in North Babylon where the disease was first reported, they’re busy piling giant blocks of ice on top of their apparently distressed machine as it seems to be spiking a fever that could get out of control.

While we at TreeHugger continue to ask the public not to panic, it seems imperative that you find a way to check up on your own machine to see whether or not the one in your school, or the school of those you love is affected.

And please check carefully, for as we understand it the symptoms are just beginning to emerge.

If you become suspicious that your machine may be affected, please send an email to the copy crisis team already set up at the Robert Moses Middle School in North Babylon to help. They can be reached at copycrisisteam (@) gmail (dot) com, and will be happy to compare notes on what they’ve found.


via:: Copy Crisis Team

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