Report: Whole Foods West Hollywood Lifestyle Store

We recently filled you in on Whole Foods' plan to open a lifestyle store in West Hollywood. None of us has checked it out yet, but tipster Erica was kind enough to investigate.

Clothing and accessories: "About half of the store is clothing - an decent selection of baby clothes (organic fabrics), tees, pants, jeans, handbags, even a few dresses. Most of it seems to be organic cotton and hemp; some of it is fair traded without green raw materials. They have a lot of companies represented including Gaiam (clothes and bedding), Ecolution (hemp bags), World of Good, many many others. There are some nifty handbags made out of recycled newspaper, old flip-top soda bottle caps, and soda can flip-tabs. The jewelry section is unimpressive; very hippy-dippy and not at all what styling Angelenos are wearing. Hopefully they will work on that."Personal care and cleaning products: They have a great display for John Masters Organics hair/skincare - seems like they have the entire line in stock. They were giving away sample envelopes of a few of the products - nice! They also have the complete Mrs. Meyers cleaning product line on display. I should mention here, regarding beauty/cleaning products - this Whole Foods branch, like all the rest, has a VERY extensive collection of hair & skin care products (Aubrey Organics, Terrassentials, Burt's Bees, etc) and home cleaning products (Seventh Generation) inside the main store."

Other Displays: "They also feature Fire & Ice recycled glass dinnerware, American Apparel organic clothing, and AFM Safecoat nontoxic house paints."

Conclusion: "All in all, a nice low-key beginning. Here's hoping that 1) there's a lot more to come; 2) their Lifestyle buyers are reading TreeHugger right now!"

Shucks, thanks Erica! Nice work.

Report: Whole Foods West Hollywood Lifestyle Store
Clothing and accessories: "About half of the store is clothing - an