Renewables output beats coal and nuclear, again

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Opponents of renewables like to argue that wind and solar are too intermittent to ever make a significant contribution to our electrical grids. But these arguments are beginning to look decidedly questionable, at least in the UK. New figures from analyst firm EnAppSys suggest that output from renewables once again beat out both coal and nuclear in the UK's power mix for Q1 of this year.

Thanks largely to wind and hydro, renewables reached a whopping 22.4% of the overall power mix, compared to just 19% for nuclear and 16.2% for coal. Natural gas was still at number one, meeting 35.4% of demand, but if the UK government makes good on its promise to enshrine a 2050 "net zero" emissions target into law, we should expect natural gas's share of the overall pie to shrink dramatically in the coming years too.

This isn't the first time that renewables beat out coal and nuclear. That happened back in Q2 of last year, but it's good to see this headline repeating itself. It's self evident now that renewables are here to stay as a significant portion of our overall energy mix, a portion that is only likely to get more dominant as we ramp up our fight against emissions.

Renewables output beats coal and nuclear, again
The only source of energy that produced more than renewables in Q1 was gas. But how long will that last?

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