Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Key to India's New Climate Plan

Auroville Solar Panels

photo by Colin Ashe

Last week saw California and the United Kingdom reveal plans to promote renewable energy and combat climate change. Today, India has announced its intentions in this arena.

Solar Power Will Change the Face of India
In announcing the National Action Plan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that a gradual shift towards renewable energy, in particular solar power, would enable India to "make [its] economic development energy efficient." Also enabling this shift are conserving water, sustainable agriculture, and sustaining the Himalayan ecosystem, and the harnessing of solar energy.Mr Singh was quoted by the BBC, "We will pool all our scientific, technical and managerial talents, with financial sources, to develop solar energy as a source of abundant energy to power our economy and to transform the lives of our people. Our success in this endeavor will change the face of India."

But No Mandatory Emissions Reductions
However, the plan does not call for any mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Currently India has per-capita emissions of 1.2 tonnes per year, while the US has annual emissions of nearly 21 tonnes per person. Citing this, Singh said that it was imperative that the country use more energy to lift its people from poverty.

"Our people want higher standards of living, but they also want clean water to drink, fresh air to breath, and a green earth to walk on," said Singh.

via :: BBC and :: Reuters
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