Renewable Energy R&D; Spending is Not a Luxury: US Nobel Laureates Tell Obama, Congress

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Saying that "stable R&D; funding is not a luxury" when it comes to renewable energy, a group of 34 US Nobel Laureates has sent a letter to President Obama urging him to pressure Congress to include his proposed $150 billion Clean Energy Technology Fund into pending climate legislation. Under current House legislation less than one fifteenth of that amount is allotted, the group pointed out:Stable Funding Needed to Ensure Progress
Though it has been proposed that proceeds from any cap and trade program enacted by Congress be used to finance the Clean Energy Tech Fund, the Nobel Laureates point out that the American Clean Energy & Security Act,

...provides no stable, specific funding for sustained research in the Department of Energy's Office of Science, or for the energy research and associated technological development programs of DOE (at the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Electricity Deliverability, Fossil, and Nuclear offices).

Burton Richter (Nobel Prize in Physics 1976) called this a "dangerous omission," pointing out that though much can be done to combat climate change with current technologies, that "sharply reduced production of greenhouse gases will require technological advances that are possible only through research."

Richter added,

We are nowhere near the limits of what can be accomplished. It would be a mistake to let this opportunity to produce transformational energy research slip out of grasp.

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