Renewable Energy Mandate Helps Green Manufacturing Jobs in Michigan

wind turbine blades train photo

photo: kedziers via flickr

Here's another story about how renewable energy development and equipment manufacturing could really bring jobs back to parts of the United States which have been dealing with tough economic times. Global Wind Systems' will be opening a new wind turbine assembly plant in Novi, Michigan:The plant expects to hire 250 skilled tradespeople in May (with an additional 150 or more expected within two years), to assemble 1.5 MW wind turbines. Although many of the components will have to be initially sourced from Europe, the goal is to shift that to in-state suppliers.

Following Michigan's state mandate that 10% of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2015, more than two dozen companies have started or diversified into manufacturing wind turbine components.

According to estimates by Greenpeace, the transition towards renewable energy could generate more than seven million jobs by 2030.

via: The Detroit News
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