Remixing McKibben: Op Ed Combines With Video to Create Dire Climate Warning (video)

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photo via sierra club

A few weeks ago, after the deadly and catastrophic tornadoes touched down in Joplin, Missouri, Bill McKibben penned a satirical op ed for the Washington Post that brought renewed attention to the connection between global warming and extreme weather. McKibben, tongue firmly in cheek, reminded America about simple high school physics: if we introduce more energy into the climate system through increased water vapor and heat, resulting weather will be more powerful and dynamic.
McKibben's op ed read aloud has been combined with images to create a powerful video that every policymaker needs to see.

You can join with McKibben and his crew at their Sept 24 Moving Planet rally for the climate. is inviting people to:

Come on bike, on skates, on a board, or just on foot. Come with your neighbors and your friends, your family and your co-workers. Come be part of something huge. It's time to get moving on the climate crisis.