Religion and the Environment


(NYT Photo/Fabrizio Costantini)

In the past, TreeHugger has covered the developing relationship between religion and environmental conservation. However, this subject has gained an increasing amount of attention during the last week. The second part of PBS's Moyers on America, which aired last Wednesday was titled, Is God Green? This program focused on the growing environmental consciousness of conservative evangelical Christians. Meanwhile, an article in yesterday's New York Times, describes an association called 'Interfaith Power and Light'. The group has arranged for the screening of films on climate change (including "An Inconvenient Truth") for 4,000 congregations of varying faiths. Furthermore, the association has worked to promote energy efficiency and resource conservation. The article highlights one of the group's state affiliates, Michigan Interfaith Power and Light, that has worked to prevent the release of a combined 14,130 tons of carbon dioxide in 2005 and 2006. To read more, view the entire article here. See also ::More On The Evangelical Climate Initiative and ::E.O. Wilson's The Creation Released Today