Reforming Energy, Finance & Food With System Innovation - Live Chat With Stephanie Draper, Today, 10am ET

From energy to food to finance, it's clear we need major change in our economy if we are ever going to achieve true sustainability. But how does that change happen? Individual companies and organizations can only achieve so much by themselves—but systemic change needs a systemic approach. Forum for the Future has been pioneering an approach they call System Innovation, bringing together some of the largest players in key economic sectors to work toward radical, transformational change. Join our live chat with the Forum's Stephanie Draper to find out more.

Given all the Occupy Wall Street action going on right now, and with rising energy prices and peak oil posing a real challenge to the viability of a the globalized economy, major corporations are probably not at the top of most environmentalists' holiday gift list. But even many of the World's largest investors are adamant that serious action is needed to prevent climate change and rethink our entire fossil-fuel driven business model.

Watch live streaming video from treehuggerlive at

Watch live streaming video from treehuggerlive at

UK-based Forum for the Future has a history of working with major industry players to create real, substantial change for more sustainable ways of doing business. Unlike many business-focused green initiatives, the Forum has always had a focus on big picture, systemic change. From their work with the shipping industry leaders to create industry-wide change, to the unveiling of their System Innovation program to reform the key sectors of food, energy and finance, you certainly can't accuse the Forum of thinking small.

Join us for a Live Chat with Stephanie Draper, Forum for the Future's Executive Director of Change Strategies and System Innovation to discuss corporate sustainability, her work with big players like PepsiCo, Shell, and Unilever, and a discussion of what place multinational corporations have in a truly sustainable, low carbon, and increasingly decentralized world. The chat will start today (Wednesday 26th of October) at 10am eastern, 3pm gmt. Just bookmark this page, come back and join the conversation. Comments and questions can be left in the chat window below the video screen.

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