Rednecks Can Be Tree Huggers (And Vice Versa)

red neck yacht club member photo

Redneck Yacht Club member. Image credit:Redneck Village, "These R My People."

Proper treehuggers follow Lloyd's admonition to keep living space down to just what you need to get by. The owner of the pictured "house boat," officially a member of the Redneck Yacht Club, gains easy entry to treehugger-dom - at least on vacation. I just hope the center of gravity is low enough to handle any bow waves that come along. Otherwise, second story passengers are going to spill their brewskis. Doing your part to combat invasive Asian carp also might qualify you as a double agent: a treehugger /redneck.
Original Red Neck Fishing Tournament, 6 August 2010, Bath Illinois. Video and print story credit:Central Illinois News Center
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