Redefinding Resource: A Refreshing Exercise in Imagination (Video)

redefining resource photo

Image credit: London Community Resource Network

When I wrote about volunteerism as the cheap oil of permaculture an anonymous commenter suggested that we greenies "rejoice in the scarsity" of everything, except Government. I've always found this to be a rather sad and inaccurate misrepresentation of environmentalists. While we may look at, and talk about, such challenging issues as peak oil or catastrophic climate change, the very idea that human beings can learn to live more creatively, more sustainably, and more efficiently is about as hopeful and vibrant a vision as I can imagine. And this wonderfully simple video from the London Community Resource Network sums this up perfectly.
Coming from an organization that works for waste reduction, reuse and recycling, it's so encouraging to see folks taking that opportunity to shine a hopeful and creative light on the things that matter most to them. If trash is simply a resource in the wrong place, then what else in our lives is a resource that we take for granted?

Thanks MaryEllen of the Reuse Alliance for the tip!

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