Recycled yacht sails round the world

There is a guy out there right now. In the Pacific ocean, sailing around the world. Solo. Non-stop. In a yacht, made from recycled aluminium, with sails of recycled PET drink bottles. His satellite phone, exterior lamps, radio, computer, and interior lights powered via solar panels. He does have an ...... emergency engine too. Also sun charged. Remarkable, huh? Well, previously he sailed a boat made from the timber of 100 reused whisky barrels. Then there was his boat created from recycled aluminium cans, which he tacked, gybed and reached from Ecuador to Japan. He's also done this solo, round the world, non-stop lark before. 42 years ago. Yep. Kenichi Horie is now 64! Forget your your lycra clad cartoon heroes. Here's a real, live Mr Incredible. ::Mermaid [by WM]