Recycled Gas Station Touches Hearts, Minds


When artist and environmental activist Jennifer Marsh realized there were over 200,000 abandoned gas stations marring the landscape across America she realized there was something simple she could do to make a statement; recycle one into art, and ask students the world over to help.

The idea being they just might make a statement simple enough to be understood by all.
It actually started as just a small project, but quickly grew to include 2,370 students from 17 schools (grades K-College), and ultimately included people from Turkey to Costa Rica to Dallas.

In all, people from 15 countries and 29 states lent a hand.

The "exhibit" itself is actually a fifty-year-old station in Syracuse, NY; and she's used more than 3,400 colorful panels to cover 5,000 square feet of vacant gas station with crocheted, knitted, stitched, patched, photographed, silk screened and collaged fiber panels.

It's expected to be a part of the landscape for the next three months. So if you're in Syracuse you now know just where you can catch an eyeful of artistic magic. One panel at a time

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via: Press Release

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