RecycleBank, the Recycling Program that Pays You Back, Heading to Europe


RecycleBank, the company who brought us an innovative recycling program that pays you to throw less stuff away (by throwing more in the recycling bin), is taking their game across the Atlantic Ocean, to Europe. Fresh off raising $30 million, the company will expand services here in the States and will expand into Europe.

We've had our eye on RecycleBank for awhile, from back when they were a pilot program and after they opened up operations in three states, and their incentive-based recycling business model has always been intriguing; after all, if altruism isn't a good enough reason to increase recycling rates, a little extra money ought to be.


How Recyclebank works
For those who are new to RecycleBank, here's a quick refresher: customers receive a 35, 64, or 96 gallon RecycleBank container which has a barcode that identifies their home. As the truck collects the recycling it scans the barcode on the container and translates the value of the recycled items into a dollar amount -- up to $35 RecycleBank Dollars a month -- that can be redeemed though shopping coupons at participating businesses. The more you recycle, the more reward you get (up to a point, at least) and the less stuff goes to landfill. The program is available to both residential and commercial customers.

Where to find RecycleBank
The recycling program is now available in cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York; if they aren't in your town yet, request that they expand service near you, and you can look forward to earning cash for your trash.

::RecycleBank via ::Green Tech Blog

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