Recycle Your Cards: It's Easy

This one is a no-brainer, as they say. Collect all your Christmas cards, put them together and drop them in a specially marked bin at supermarkets and book stores. All the cards collected at these places will be taken to paper mills, where they are recycled into brand new paper products like corrugated cardboard, copier paper and more Christmas cards. The Woodland Trust, a charity which protects ancient forests and plants trees in new forests is aiming to recycle 100 million cards. Why the endorsement of Joanna Lumley, a former model, comedian and actress will add that extra incentive is a mystery to this ex-pat, but hey, she's a celebrity and it's London, so there you are.

It's all for a good cause. Recycling cards will allow the Trust to plant 24,000 new trees. The money saved by municipalities through recycling is paid to the Trust. And there is a lot of garbage created over the holiday: english households will have nearly three quarters of a million ton of extra waste over Christmas, generating 1.4 million tons of CO2. On average each family will throw out an extra five bags of garbage over the season. So start gathering up those cards. :: Recyclenow

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