Recycle Outdoor Gear. Does Just That.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is the brainchild of Sarah Howcroft, who is bringing her varied passions together in the one sphere. Recycle Outdoor Gear is an online swap-meet for the selling, swapping or donating of pre-loved outdoor clothing and equipment.

This is great way to purge your wardrobe, attic or garage of unused outdoor clobber or paraphernalia. Keep all that stuff in circulation and equip some another lover of the outdoors with the accoutrements they need to enjoy mud in their boots, rain in their tent, snow down their pants.

Maybe you were given a outdoor gear upgrade for Christmas. Perfect opportunity to pass along your previous treasure.

Recycle Outdoor Gear operates via a very simple premise: Individuals and registered charities (no commercial businesses allowed) are allowed to post a free-of-charge adverts on Recycle Outdoor Gear offering (or requesting) secondhand outdoor goodies.

ROG moderates adverts, reserves the right to remove inappropriate adverts, such as those which involve an “engine, weapons of any description, hunting and fishing gear, BBQs and any real estate.” Prices will displayed in British Pounds. Outside of these caveats, adverts can run for up to 90 days before they are deleted.

Sarah Howcroft, co-founder, in the mid 70’s, of Rohan Designs, a highly innovative UK outdoor clothing brand, went to found a chain of eco retail stores, the UK’s first green supermarket, before establishing various commercial waste exchange programs in Europe. Her more recent interest has been in Rohantimeonline social networking communities, like . Sarah certainly has the runs on the board when it comes to getting something like this up and running. We wish her all the best in this endeavour.

Sarah told us she had Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) all ready to go six month ago, and seems pleasantly surprised that Patagonia’s Ebay partnership made it live before ROG. “But that's great because it all lifts awareness,” she said.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is starting small. Give it some momentum by adverting your dust gathering, unwanted gear.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

Recycle Outdoor Gear. Does Just That.
Pass on your treasured yet dusty outdoor clothing and equipment to others

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