Reasons to be cheerful: Fully Charged looks back on 2016

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I love Robert Llewellyn. From getting very excited about the Tesla Model X to exploring how e-bikes could transform our cities, his Fully Charged show has been the source of some of my favorite stories of 2016.

More important than making my writing job easier, though, is the fact that his cheerful enthusiasm and willful embrace of experience-over-technical-details makes for the perfect champion and advocate for the on-going energy transition that is well underway. In this, his 2016 wrap up/holiday edition, he covers some of the top stories of 2016. There's way too many episodes to summarize here, but the broad trends evident include:

—A growing number of affordable, long-range electric vehicles coming on the market
—Ongoing policy-making commitment to those vehicles, even from a post-Brexit conservative UK government (the future is a little less certain on this side of the pond)
—Low cost, large-scale renewables and wide-spread energy storage
—A wider range of non-car transportation options, including affordable, high-quality e-bikes
—Internal combustion engines shall henceforth forever be known as the Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Fart engine

There's more, of course. Lot's more. But I don't want to spoil it for you. So go ahead, make a cup of tea and settle down to some trademark Robert Llewellyn excitement for batteries, large wind turbines and all things clean tech. And please consider supporting Fully Charged with a pledge on Patreon.

Reasons to be cheerful: Fully Charged looks back on 2016
Yes, we may have a climate crisis and political uncertainty. But it's not all bad, says Robert Llewellyn.

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