Ready to Get Pissed Off at Mountaintop Removal Mining? Watch This. (Video)

mountaintop removal mining video photo

These mountains used to have tops. Photo via the Widdershins
Mountaintop removal mining is the practice that probably drives me the craziest. It's a concept that seems inherently, fundamentally flawed. Perhaps it's just something in my personal constitution--the same thing that makes any argument you might have with me about, say, Canada's seal hunt futile. There's no way you're going to convince me it's reasonable to bludgeon baby seals over the head--and there's no way anyone is ever going to convince me it's reasonable to blow the tops off of mountains with dynamite for coal. But some people still aren't bothered by the practice. To all of them, I say, watch this video.Yes, it's a little long, given our typical 45-second internet based attention span. But it's all worth watching. Even the first two minutes are illuminating. The video focuses on the first hand accounts of the impact mountaintop removal mining has had on people's lives--from MMR-caused river contamination making entire towns sick to a woman who has allegedly gotten cancer from the toxic waste, this is devastating stuff. Watch this and tell me you still support the practice of using explosives to obliterate some of the oldest mountains on earth to get coal a little cheaper and easier:

2500 peaks have been destroyed this way so far. That's 2500 too many. And recently, scientists released a report emphatically stating that the practice is unjustifiable. I'll be watching the comment boards for any daring pro-mountaintop removal arguments below. But I'm not counting on being persuaded.

Video via CleanTechnica
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