Rand Paul: MTR "Land Is Of Enhanced Value"


photo via flickr

Ever wonder why you haven't heard from Rand Paul for a while after his disatrous coming out party? The GOP leadership put Paul on lockdown after he repeatedly demonstratedhis propensity to say outlandish--and to many--offensive, things. Well, Paul gave an interivew to Details magazine before he was ordered to stand down that is just coming out now. He sticks up for the man-made disaster known as MTR, the technique that blows the tops off of mountains to get to the coal inside. Paul has been vocal about MTR in the past, and now he's saying that MTR has many benefits, including the creation of "enhanced" land.Paul told Details that MTR needs a little better public relations (h/t Talkingpointsmemo).

"I think they should name it something better," he says. "The top ends up flatter, but we're not talking about Mount Everest. We're talking about these little knobby hills that are everywhere out here. And I've seen the reclaimed lands. One of them is 800 acres, with a sports complex on it, elk roaming, covered in grass." Most people, he continues, "would say the land is of enhanced value, because now you can build on it."

Paul also said the issues surrounding MTR are matters of "private property." He prefers to say, "Let's let you decide what to do with your land."

Make no mistake, these are the people who are trying to take back the reins of government this November. Sen. Reid and Obama have disappointed many with their unwillingness to tackle climate change, the big issue that problems like MTR fit into. But our collective disappointment is nothing compared to the way we will feel if people like Paul take over. His libertarian philosophy would be a giant step back for matters of civil rights, economic prosperity, and the environment. Here's hoping Mr. Paul never gets a chance to test his theories in the U.S. Senate.

Meanwhile, the Campaign for Fair Elections just put out this statement on Paul's connection to the coal industry:

"Coal companies are offering to spend millions of dollars to defeat Mr. Paul's opponent this fall. With stories today showing he'll support their practices, he's sent them an unmistakable response: I'm your guy.

"No candidate should roll out the welcome mat for corporate special interests to spend millions to buy elections. The back-and-forth between coal companies and Mr. Paul in the press will only serve to deepen public cynicism that politics is in the hands of the corporate special interests, not regular voters."

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