RAN Resurrects "Greenwash of the Week"


Rainforest Action Network has brought back its "Greenwash of the Week" videos, a series beloved by many--well, at least by me. This week's greenwash video focused on Chevron, which RAN has been targeting through its "We Can Change Chevron" for the oil giant's reckless negligence in Ecuador. The video, named "Chevron's Solar Project Bulls#%t!," calls out Chevron for its new "Project Brightfield" solar project in California. Says RAN:

This week's episode explores Chevron's recent solar announcement. Chevron, the 4th largest oil corporation on the planet, announced "Project Brightfield", a solar panel beauty pageant in California's central valley.

Why has Greenwash of the Week nicknamed 'Project Brightfield' Project Bull$#!^?

The energy produced from 'Project Brightfield' goes directly to power Chevron's Kern River Heavy Oil Extraction Facility. Meaning it is one of the most expensive, polluting, and energy intensive type of oil extraction out there.

And, Chevron's operations there have gifted the residents of Bakersfield with some of the highest air pollution rates in the country.

Powering one of the dirtiest oil facilities with solar DOES NOT make it clean.

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