RAN Names The Copenhagen Accord Its Greenwash of the Week (Video)


Rainforest Action Network has used its "Greenwash of the Week" show to mock the efficacy of The Copenhagen Accord, the deal President Obama is said to have brokered at the international climate talks in Denmark last December. The Accord is viewed by some as weak because it allows for countries to "pledge" their emissions reduction goals, but the countries are not legally bound to meet their pledges. The Accord is also soft on funding commitments, leading some to call it unjust.The Accord sets a goal of raising funds "approaching" $30 billion soon and a "goal of mobilizing jointly $100 billion a year by 2020 to address the needs of developing countries." WWF and others say at least $130 billion is needed for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in poorer countries.

RAN parodied the deal by comparing it to a choking victim: If someone needs oxygen, you don't continue to negotiate. You take immediate and necessary action.

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