Rammed Earth Goes to the Chickens

rammed earth chicken coop photo

Treehugger loves rammed earth; it is energy-efficient, local and gorgeous. We have shown it used in museums, houses and art galleries, so as it goes mainstream it is only logical that we would find it in -chicken coops?

rammed earth chicken coop interior photo

That is what musician and rammed earth experimenter Cliff White did at his son's school in Austin, Texas. He told Rammed Earth is for Everyone:

I've built a shed and a retaining wall; this gave me an opportunity to refine my skills in rammed earth. That said, rammed earth is durable, cheap and beautiful. It's very forgiving and practically anyone can build with it. In keeping with the vision of the school, it was a natural choice.

rammed earth chicken coop end view photo

Read the entire interview here.

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