Ralph Nader: Tar Sands Pipeline Would Usher in "Corporate Dictatorship"

The two week-long tar sands pipeline protests are entering its final stages, and I'm in Washington D.C covering the action. Today, notable Keystone XL opponents Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, along with a number of the nation's religious leaders, accompanied hundreds of Americans to the White House. There, they risked arrest to confront the Obama administration on its tacit approval of the potentially devastating 1,700 tar sands pipeline.

Around midday, the famed consumer advocate Ralph Nader stopped by Lafayette Square to lend his support to the protest. Approving the tar sands would have dire consequences not only for the environment, he told me, but for the quality of American democracy in general. Approval of the pipeline, he says, would reveal the emergence of "a mature corporate dictatorship, with Washington as its servant."

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