Rajendra Pachauri at Copenhagen: Attempts to Discredit Climate Science "Will Not Work" (Video Interview)

Nobel Laureate and IPCC chairman R.K. Pachauri pities the fools that doubt the scientific findings of his UN group. But the skeptics keep coming, especially after the "Climategate" affair. While the skepticism has remained marginal here in Copenhagen, some have wondered how the climate change science doubters will impact the work of the IPCC at Copenhagen and beyond.

When I spoke to Pachauri on Sunday, he said they had not been a distraction for the IPCC at the Copenhagen summit, apart from references to it "by one or two countries."

Other than one or two countries nobody's even referred to it. I think there's a fair level of understanding and I would say people are sensible enough to see the truth for what it is. This kind of deliberate attempt to discredit the science I don't think is working and will not work.
Pachauri also called upon Barack Obama to make the US a leader in terms of commitments to emissions reductions when he arrives here this week. And he made the obvious prediction that the second week would prove more effective than the first. "I think things will start moving this week, I think this is when you'll really see action. Let's hope for the best."

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