Rainforest Alliance Promotes Sustainable Furniture Council


The Rainforest Alliance have announced that they are actively promoting the Sustainable Furniture Council. We mentioned this group of members from the Home Furnishings industry back in April 2005 when the council's creator Gerry Cooklin, CEO of South Cone Trading Company, challenged other design companies to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Now in 2007 there are more that 40 representatives from groups including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and non-profit organizations on the council and the SFC is soon to become a legally chartered industry group. Today the SFC are holding their third council meeting at the Las Vegas Market furniture trade show, where they will be promoting and raising awareness about sustainable design practices. "The furniture industry has a lot of power in conservation because we add the most value to wood resources," Cooklin said. "It has been impressive to see how quickly interest in this effort within the industry has grown." The Rainforest Alliance tell us that the SFC 'will encourage companies to incorporate responsible practices and also aims to create standards outlining the way businesses should source raw materials and use sustainable products.' Daphne Hewitt, projects manager in the Rainforest Alliance's Training, Research, Extension Education and Systems program, is on the Council committee along with two other RFA representatives. The RFA 'will provide guidance and technical input as the council identifies practices, which members will be expected to follow, that demonstrate the sustainable use of resources.'

Daphne Hewitt says, "The home furnishings industry uses one of the earth's most beautiful resources, wood, to create products that range from simple and functional pieces to real works of art, by encouraging manufacturers, retailers and suppliers in the industry to adopt sustainable practices, the council will be ensuring that this beauty is reflected in the entire process, from the responsibly managed forest where the wood originated through final production."
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