"Radical" Water Saving Measures May Become The Norm In Atlanta


TreeHugger has been on the Southeastern US drought story for months. See the most recent post here. While the Governor of Georgia seems content with blaming Federal regulations and threatening the US Army Corps of Engineers over a looming water crisis, ordinary citizens are taking personal responsibility for reducing their water consumption. Apparently, the City of Atlanta is happy with that. If this drought turns out to be the worst case scenario that some fear, only serious and immediate personal responsibility for water consumption, a virtue that, until recently, only Tree Huggers would love, can turn things around fast enough to avert a public health emergency.

It has been made brutally clear to Metro Atlantan’s that Lake Lanier is not bottomless and that, in fact, that bottom is getting uncomfortably close.

Now what once was considered a radically "green" way to supplement our water supply is becoming acceptably "grey".

Grey water is water that has been used, but is still clean enough to be used again. Previously, using grey water is something only committed environmentalists did. Now, it is something we will all have to look at.

"Our definition of grey water," explained Charles Cone of Southern Energy Solutions, "is bath water, shower water, water from your washing machine, it can also be condensate from your air conditioner." ... The system collects the water from the Mann’s shower, and bathroom faucets, and washing machine, and sends it to a fifty three gallon reservoir.

This particular system is best installed during new construction or major renovation. Retro-fitting current plumbing to accommodate it is complicated and expensive. It costs $2,550-3,000 to install and can be modified to use residential greywater for outside landscaping.

More technical product details from Brac Greywater Recycling Systems here.

Vig:: 11 Alive News, "Grey Is The New Green" Image credit::Brac Greywater System Flow Diagram

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