Quote of the Day: The Times on Australia Ablaze

australia fire photo

REUTERS/Mick Tsikas

The climate change deniers are so fond of pointing out how much snow there is in North America and asking "where's the global warming?" Two can play at that game of purposefully conflating climate and weather, of cherry-picking events to suit the message. We present Sophie Tedmanson's description of the wildfires in Southern Australia from TimesOnline:

The fires began on the hottest day ever recorded in Melbourne and were fanned by gale-force winds. Many of the dead were said to have waited too long in their homes before fleeing and were burnt alive in their cars as multiple fires tore through the countryside of Victoria state.

Witnesses said the sky had turned to ash, began to rain embers and the fires which obliterated entire houses in seconds had turned parts of the picturesque Victorian countryside into something resembling a nuclear holocaust.

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