Quote of the Day: Prince Charles on Climate and the Economy

charles meets robot photo

Prince Charles meets Asimo

Prince Charles is current champ in our quote of the day count, beating out Tom Friedman and our beloved Michele Bachmann. While in Japan on a visit he delivers another:

"It is not an exaggeration to say that we face the biggest challenge our planet has ever seen, literally a battle for survival.

"Given the current turbulence in the international financial system and the immediate and damaging effect it is having on the whole world, the credit crunch is rightly a preoccupation of vast significance and importance.

"But we take our eye off the climate crunch at our peril.

"While we hope and pray that the underlying strengths of the global economy will once again enable it to bounce back, the effects of climate change will be far, far from temporary and will indeed be irreversible."

"The scientists tell us there is just the smallest window left for us to make the transformational changes in the way we live needed to stop catastrophic climate change.

The worry of course is that this window of opportunity is available to us at exactly the same time as the global economy is under severe strain. But despite this we simply mustn't abandon the drive towards a low carbon economy."

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