Quote of the Day: Kenny Ausubel on Building a Green U.S. Economy


Photo credit: henkimaa
What planet are we on?" you might wonder from here in the Wild West of Western civilization. Isn't it time for a U.S. Green Plan? We have a golden opportunity to regenerate our waning economy at the same time we seriously correct environmental degradation and rampant social injustices.

We are a brittle superpower bedeviled by an aging infrastructure so decrepit the American Society of Civil Engineers gives it a pitiable grade of D. We're ill prepared to deal with disasters, especially the natural and industrial disasters that present far greater threats to the nation than terrorism.Our declining public health and educational systems rank among the lowest in developed countries. Real wages are at a 59-year low and corporate profits at an all-time high. Extremes of wealth and poverty rival the Gilded Age of the robber barons, while the military economy is fast bankrupting our future.

The reinvention of a green economy can begin to solve our bundle of economic and social ills simultaneously. We can create abundant jobs, prosperity, equity and hope. Our new declaration of independence is from fossil fuels and imperial entanglements. We can make the urgent transition to renewable energy at the same time we renew the higher angels of what it means to be an American."

—Kenny Ausubel, founder co-executive director of Bioneers, in a Nov. 1, 2007 column

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