Quote Of The Day: "I can absolutely guarantee you it's not going to happen in the Senate."


Oxbow Group owned petroleum coke kilns, Enid Oklahoma. Image credit:Oxbow Group.

James Inhofe is quoted in the Enid Oklahoma News & Eagle from statements made yesterday (Monday) at an Enid, Oklahoma Rotary Club meeting. His appraisal of the chances of a climate bill passing the US Senate this week:

""It's dead on arrival in the Senate. It will not happen," Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe told Enid Rotarians during their noon meeting Monday. "I can absolutely guarantee you it's not going to happen in the Senate."

One commenter on the News & Eagle article characterizes the potential passage of the climate bill as bringing about 'the end of life as we know it.' The Oxbow Group's website indicates that the petroleum coke (known as "pet coke") made in Enid OK, as pictured above, is part of a carbon-intensive supply chain:

Calcined coke’s nearly pure quality makes it ideal for the aluminum industry, which accounts for nearly 75 percent of the world’s calcined coke consumption. For every pound of aluminum produced, about 0.4 pounds of carbon anode are consumed.
So, maybe life as they know it will change. In order that life on earth will change less catastrophically. Unless Senator Inhofe is correct, in which case...

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