Quote of the Day: Bruce Nussbaum on Google


Being very rich does seem to breed a sense of entitlement, and the Google boys are no different. Even though the company motto is "do no evil" they appear to have few qualms about some very conspicuous consumption, as Eric noted earler. Bruce Nussbaum of Business Week notes:

I don't know why two guys need a big wide-bodied 767 jet to fly around, guzzling gas and polluting the planet and I don't know why NASA cut them a deal to land at Moffit Airbase, minutes away from Google headquarters but I do know that it hurts the brand image of the company they founded and run. Not good.

Getting such a sweet deal in return for running scientific experiments for NASA makes it all the more stinky. Does NASA really need Larry Page and Sergey Brin to do experiments for them? Please. It rings so hollows that it is silly.

We all make mistakes. Google has been strongly supporting green technology. It's building the largest solar complex in the US and it uses materials in its offices that don't have PVC's.

But having a 767, which is three times the size of an "average" executive jet, that uses 7,000 gallons of gas to fly from San Francisco to New York and then get special permission to park it 10 minutes away on a NASA-managed run-way just speaks of corporate privilege, not responsibility. The biggest private jet? The inside deal with the government? The shortest commute from jet to the office? These are all games mainstream CEOs play. Yuck.

::Business Week