Quote Of The Day: "put down those handguns and pick up those caulking guns."

Van jones photo

Van Jones, the founding president of Green For All. Image credit:Theo Rigby for The New York Times

That's what Van Jones, Oakland CA-based author and quotable-guy, had to say at a Friday event MC'd by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., to "promote green jobs for the middle class today in Philadelphia." Kate Galbraith covered it on Green, Inc.: Biden, Luminaries Promote Green Jobs.

Suburban NRA members can put their AK's in the basement vault and put the caulking guns to use, too. For boys who crave the automatic, there are electric versions. See Milwaukee's, hey.


Milwaukee Tool Company Electric Caulk Gun. Image credit:
">Milwaukee Tool

For really challenging jobs, whether in the city or suburb, you can get Milwaukee's special sausage-style caulk carriage Mag.


Van again.
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