Quote of the Day: Americans Demand More and Better Options

parris glendening photo

Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening visited by school kids
Former Maryland Governor Parris N. Glendening (and now President of the Smart Growth Leadership Institute) says that Americans are tired of feeling like victims and are ready for innovative changes in how they live and get around.

"We have to keep pace with demands for public transit, and give this country a reason to be proud of its high-speed trains, light-rail lines, and both rapid and conventional bus transit. We need to make more of our streets safe and convenient for walking and biking to work, school, shops and transit stops. We have to create incentives for developers to invest in our close-in suburbs and urban centers, to meet the huge demand for affordable homes in convenient locations. Americans are not dumb: We would much rather invest in well-located real estate than in gasoline.

We are tired of feeling like victims – whether of oil companies, poor planning, or a lack of vision. We are ready for innovative change, if only our leaders will follow us." ::Planetizen
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