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Have a look at TreeHugger in 2005 and you will see a lot of very beautiful green design. And in fact, not much else. Have a look today and it is less about stuff to buy, more about cooking, biking, urban life. What caused this transformation? Allison Arieff is interviewed in the Atlantic, describes her transformation. I realize, reading this, why I like Allison so much; I agree with just about every word she writes. Here she describes her move beyond Dwell magazine:

A beautifully designed modern home is very nice for the person living in it but it's not a driver for broad social change even if manifestos are written to that effect. I'm much more interested in what's going on outside the house. What's the neighborhood like? How does the community interact? Is the home energy-efficient? Is there smart thinking about infrastructure? Wastewater mitigation? I may have written about a lot of gorgeous Italian closets and kitchens but not any more. I'm interested in designers/thinkers who address consumption, patterns of use, social impact and behavior, supply chain. That's where my attentions are now.

Then there is her comment about the "sustainability trend."

Making sustainability a trend has minimized its relevance and stymied its progress. Climate change, declining resources, peak oil -- these aren't passing fads. "Green is the new black," "eco-chic," "eco-fabulous," -- I even got a pitch from Eco-Stiletto! All that marketing-speak has done little for sustainability except validate old behaviors. It's a notion that you can go green by buying more stuff. We'll always need things, but we need a real focus on making those things less expendable, less, well, "trendy," and more efficient, healthier, durable, built to last.

Read every word at Atlantic Magazine

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Quote Of The Day: Allison Arieff On Design
Design has changed; have the blogs kept up with it?

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