Quiz: Is the Right Guy Going To Jail?

DesmogBlog asks the question: Is the right guy going to jail? Answer below the fold.

Answer: Tim DeChristopher. His lawyer said:

He wanted to raise a red flag, He wanted to make a statement. That's what he wanted to do. His desire was not to thwart the auction. ... He wanted people to think about the consequences that the auction was bringing to bear on other people. But it was never his intention to harm anyone.

Tim said:

Everything that went on inside that building tried to convince me that I was alone, and that I was weak. They tried to convince me that I was like a little finger, out there on my own, that can easily be broken. And all of you out here were the reminder, for all of us, that I was... connected to a hand, with many fingers, that could unite as one fist. And that fist could not be broken by the power in there... All those authorities in there wanted me think like a finger. But our children are calling to us, to think like a fist.

Bill McKibben said:

The government should give him a medal, not a sentence.

Henry David Thoreau said:

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.

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Quiz: Is the Right Guy Going To Jail?
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