'Quit Coal' Message Now Adorns 450 ft Smokestack at Chicago Coal Plant (Photos)


Photos courtesy of Greenpeace

If you've been following my reporting the last couple days, you already know all about Greenpeace's ambitious anti-coal protests in Chicago -- two separate teams of activists scaled a 450 foot coal plant, and then dropped a banner off a bridge that blocked the approach of a barge carrying a shipment of coal. The events caused a major ruckus in the city, and were covered by just about all of the local media outlets. But the crown jewel of the action was what you see above: A message painted on a span of smokestack hundreds of feet tall reading 'Quit Coal'. The pictures were inspiring enough to spur Bill McKibben to tweet "This picture makes my day":


Here's a shot of the activists painting the stack:


And here's a 'before' shot I snapped yesterday while on the scene:


Unfortunately, word has come in that Midwest Generation, the company that owns the coal plant has already begun removing the new paint job.


Pity -- I rather like the decorative addition.

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