Quiet Car Company: Affordable, Real Electric Cars (Video)

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Image credit: The Quiet Car Company
Affordable, Real Electric Cars
The world is not short of electric car start-ups. As Mike's round up of 23 Electric Cars Driving the Revolution showed, even the big players in the auto world are finally getting in on the act - though few are anywhere close to actualy selling an affordable electric vehicle. but, in general, the smaller players in this market gravitate more toward flashy, sporty concepts like Dale Vince's electric sports car, and less toward vehicles that your or I would actually drive. Enter the UK's Quiet Electric Car Company, who have put together two affordable, real electric cars that won't break the bank. Click below the fold for performance and pricing details, video of the car in action, and some thoughts from the founders on how government help could kick start the electric car market.
Here's more from the Quiet Car Company's website about their two vehicles:

Both electric cars have a range of 100km or 60 - 65 miles. Quiet Car 1 is a 2 + 2 seater car with all the basics you would find in a conventional car including electric windows and a CD player. Quiet Car 1 has a top speed of 45mph and a complete charge time of 5 hours. With the 48v lithium-ion batteries under the driver and passenger seat this car really is good quality for the price.

Quiet Car 2 is a revolutionary 5 door family hatchback based on a petrol vehicle which means the shell and chassis has been developed and designed to go at a high speed. With the 5 seats and ample boot space it's perfect for school runs, shopping and general city commuting. Quiet Car 2's top speed is a comfortable 55mph and is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Quiet Car 2 has ground breaking technology with the cars motors actually within the wheel of each of the rear hubs. This enables the car to have high torque and a lot more space within the boot.

Pricing details are currently a little sketchy (in fact the company website could use some help on all fronts), but in the video below from EV-UK, the Quiet Car founders state that the Quiet Car 2 is currently retailing for UK£20,995 - about US$30,000. And with a little support from the government, the makers claim they could double the range to 150 miles and a retail price of about UK£17,000.

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