Quick Test: Does State Farm Bike Ad Make You See Red?

Update: Thanks TH Readers! State Farm has pulled this ad due to the outrage you have shared. The video embedded here can no longer be viewed. For more details on State Farm's response to your views, see State Farm Ad Pulled.

OK. This is the final exam after all those self-help books you have been reading. You know the ones...how to think positive...how to manage stress...how to live the new green vibe. So sit back, take a deep breath, and click to play this video.

What are your first impressions? Boycott State Farm? Go key some cars? Hyperlink to cycle chic to celebrate a few Sheilas in heels on two wheels? Before you see red, read on for your test results...You score an "excellent" if you reacted with the Streetblog response:

Yeah, he's dressed like a freak but he is also extremely fit, athletic and healthy. Sheila's teasing him but that's because she thinks Jim is hot. The idea flickers across your medial prefrontal cortext, that part of the brain the neuromarketers are always trying to get to, Hey, maybe I could get fit and healthy by biking to work like Jim. For $369 a year and whatever gas money I'd save by not driving I could buy a really nice bike.

You need to go back to the library if you reacted like Grist:

Witness the humiliation as this distinguished professional is forced to ... my God, I can barely say it ... ride a bike to work. Do something, State Farm! Anything!

Whatever your reaction, one thing is clear. State Farm needs a clue. Comments have been disabled at YouTube, but you can leave your two cents for State Farm here. I will happily collect your comments and forward them to State Farm.

Via ::Grist

Quick Test: Does State Farm Bike Ad Make You See Red?
OK. This is the final exam

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