Questions for the McCain / Obama Debate

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Forget the town hall with the scripted questions, forget the one minute responses and the tight rules that make the debates so formal and boring, loosen up guys, and while you are relaxed and ready to rumble, how about answering some questions from the TreeHugger Team. No softballs here.

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JH: Both of your campaigns talk about the need for renewable energy. Yet it is the upcoming generation of Americans who will fully embrace clean energy technologies. What will your administration do to get information about renewable energy taught in public schools on a widespread level?

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CD: Given the economic troubles we're currently experiencing, what do you make of Van Jones' assertion that 'green collar' jobs and investing in a green economy are a sustainable way forward? What would your administration do to support green economic growth that would create more American jobs, help reduce poverty, and honor the Earth?

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CT: Mr. McCain, In 1972 aerial wolf hunting was made illegal by the Airborne Hunting Act, passed after a nationwide outcry against aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska. Since then the Alaska Government has used a loophole in the act that allows for "control." What are your thoughts on the controversial policy your running mate, Sarah Palin, supports in Alaska that encourages hunters to shoot wolves from helicopters?

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LA: Cities account for 65% of the population, but according to Lawrence Levy of the National Center of Suburban Studies, Cities generate 74 percent of the country's college graduates, 76 percent of its relatively high-paying jobs, 78 percent of its patents, 79 percent of its air cargo and 94 percent of its venture capital financing.

But they have a disproportionate share of social, educational and other problems and receive far less per capita from washington for services- the American dream was built in the suburbs and that is where the money went. Now, with so much of the suburbs in foreclosure, it looks like that is where the money is going to go again, increasing the disparity.

What would you do to fix our cities, and to end this political divide between the urban and suburban voter?

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MO'N: Though you have differing opinions on health care reform, you both agree that the system is currently expensive and crippled. what will you do to promote a cleaner environment -- for example, cleaner indoor environments in schools as well as less air pollution in cities -- to ensure that health care cost go down via prevention?

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This sure ain't the Lincoln-Douglas debate where the crowd could get right up there and ask a question. But if you could, what would you ask?

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