Put a Tyrant In Your Tank

The Democratic candidates for President keep bashing Canada and Mexico, but on their next bus ride might want to read two articles about who else supplies America with oil and gas. Mother Jones notes that:

"We're "seeing a further shifting in the oil industry in which national oil companies are the power brokers," says Andrew Neff, senior energy analyst at economic forecaster Global Insight. Anyone inclined to celebrate Big Oil's recent misfortunes had better hold off on the champagne. For however badly the Western firms may have behaved, the new global oil barons could one day leave environmental and social activists nostalgic for the bad old days of ExxonMobil." ::Mother Jones

Thomas Friedman writes about the rise of petro-authoritarianism:

"I've long argued that the price of oil and the pace of freedom operate in an inverse correlation - which I call: "The First Law of Petro-Politics." As the price of oil goes up, the pace of freedom goes down. As the price of oil goes down, the pace of freedom goes up. "There are 23 countries in the world that derive at least 60 percent of their exports from oil and gas, and not a single one is a real democracy," explains [political scientist Larry] Diamond. "Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Nigeria are the poster children" for this trend, where leaders grab the oil tap to ensconce themselves in power." ::New York Times

Put a Tyrant In Your Tank
"We're "seeing a further shifting in the oil

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