Punk Rock Permaculture in Mexico City (Video)

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It's not just hippies going that like to go green. From green-living anarchist collectives to Punk Rock Permaculture's reporting on disaster relief in Haiti, the notion of green living back-to-the-land lifestyles goes hand-in-hand with punk rock subcultures. Here's a neat PBS report on the punk rock permaculture activists of Mexico City.

By the looks of things this was recorded a few years' back, but as it was just posted to YouTube, I thought it well worth sharing. Sure, the reporter's fixation on hair styles and clothing is perhaps a little condescending, but it is an important reminder of the contribution that many punk communities have made and are making to a better world.

While the music may not be to everyone's tastes, the footage of urban decay should get most committed TreeHuggers exclaiming that "someone should do something" about it. And that's where the DIY ethics of punk rock and permaculture make such a good fit. Much like punk music was always about making your own entertainment, whether you "knew how to play" or not, so too it is about taking control of the issues that impact you and initiating action. This from a related blog post on PBS about the punk rock permaculturists of Mexico City:

"Whoever is not doing something right now for the earth to save it is living here as a tourist," says Raul. "And as tourists who don't see the planet as their own, they will continue to sink further down."

That makes a whole lot of sense from where I'm sitting.

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