Province Of Ontario Canada Plans To Close All Coal-Fired Plants

"The province of Ontario, Canada's biggest energy user, aims to close its last coal-fired power plant in 2014 and become the only jurisdiction in North America to completely phase out coal, a strategy that some critics deride as reckless and others say is overly timid. The coal plan is the major plank in the climate change policy of Ontario's Liberal government, which is well aware of the recent growth in voter concern about global warming....The Liberal government, elected in 2003, wants to refurbish existing nuclear plants, which now represent about 37 percent of installed power, and possibly build new ones. It also plans to push conservation, reinvest in renewable supply sources such as wind power, and boost by 15 percent its reliance on natural gas to supplement what's lost from coal."

In results that would be shocking to US citizens, the story also mentioned that "A poll of Ontario voters conducted last month found concerns about pollution and global warming trumped all other issues, including health care."

So, all sounded good until we got to this line:- "Ontario is unique in Canada in that summer represents peak demand, when it imports electricity from neighboring provinces and U.S. states." Ontario has continued to protest plans by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to relax emission rules for coal-fired generating stations - making the Ontario plan less bone-headed than it might otherwise seem. Yet, what of neighboring Canadian provinces?

Via: Reuters, Ontario Walks Tightrope... Image credit:: CAE Alliance

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