Protesters Take Over Power Plant


Protesters have claimed to have taken over a power plant in Kent, UK. The radical move is claimed to be a protest against the approval of new coal plants in the UK. None have been built for 30 years, but coal mining has recently resumed in some areas and plans for new plants are being submitted for approval.

Just after 5am yesterday 50 Greenpeace volunteers entered the Kingsnorth coal power station and chained themselves to machinery, effectively shutting down the plant because new coal cannot be brought in. The plant will continue generating power until the remaining stocks are used.Other protesters climbed up a 200 meter high ladder and painting "Gordon Bin It" on a chimney. A reference to Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who is deciding whether or not any new plants will be built.

"Taking one power station off the national grid will not lead to a blackout," said Robin Oakley of Greenpeace. "There is plenty of spare supply in the system."

The plans are contradictory with government targets, claims Oakley. "The proposal by German energy company E.ON to build a new coal-fired power station on this site which will emit up to 10m tonnes of C02 a year for the next 50 years are totally at odds with government targets for cutting CO2 emissions," said Oakley."

A spokesperson for E.ON said that they are working with police, aiming to get the protest ended as soon as possible, and expressed his disapproval of the move, "Greenpeace has every right to express their views, but we don't think this is the right way to do it." ::The Guardian ::Picture Source

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